What is Wagyu?

At 4440 Ranch and Cattle Company, we raise F1 Wagyu beef. F1 Wagyu is a cross between a full blooded Wagyu bull and a standard American breed of cow, primarily Angus.

What is Wagyu you may ask? Simply put, Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle. Translated from Japanese, Wagyu means Japanese cow. In 1800’s Japan, Wagyu were primarily used as draft animals in agriculture. Because Wagyu display large amounts of intramuscular fat or marbling, which stores much needed energy, they became excellent working animals.

Today, beef is rated based on the quality of that marbling and Wagyu typically display a level of intramuscular fat above and beyond other breeds of cattle. This gives Wagyu beef a tenderness and buttery melt in your mouth quality. Not only is the flavor superb but Wagyu is actually the healthiest red meat you can eat. Wagyu has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat and low cholesterol content. It also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Our F1 Wagyu cows at 4440 Ranch and Cattle Company are pasture raised and grain fed their entire life. As a result, our beef consistently rates above USDA Prime. So if you are in the market for beef that is unmatched in flavor, healthy for you and raised locally without the aid of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, give 4440 Ranch a try. We promise that you will not be disappointed!